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Training Steering Committee

Basic Function
AFRAA recognises that training and human resource development are critical to ensure that the African airline industry adheres to industry best practices in aviation safety, security, operations, aircraft maintenance activities, effective commercial and managerial/leadership skills. The Training Committee is spearheading this by carrying out critical common/cooperative human development activities.

Detailed Tasks
• Ensuring the provision of high quality and affordable training in all areas of airline operations;
• Developing common curricula for airlines;
• Holding seminars and workshops to update stakeholders on the latest developments in areas ranging from safety management system, aeropolitical developments and information communication technology;
• Promoting the world class member airlines training institutions;
• Identify airlines to host courses
• Agree on courses to seek from IATA and other partners
• Identify suitably qualified instructors for various courses
• Make presentations on topical human capital development topics to enrich the expertise of training/human resource development managers/directors.
c. EASA Certified Training Institutions and Providers of Simulator Training

The EASA Certified Training Institutions on the Continent can now be easily accessed through the AFRAA website including those entities with simulator training facilities. Thus on the website, the reader will be able to get the contact details of the relevant persons and website of entities providing training and simulator services.

The airlines/organisations featured are Air Seychelles Training Academy, Aldawya Training and Science (Libya), EgyptAir Training Centre, Ethiopian Aviation Academy, Kenya Airways Pride Centre, Royal Air Maroc Training Academy and Tunisair Training Centre.

The providers of aircraft simulators that are featured include Aviation Training Centre of Tunisia (ATCT), EgyptAir Training Centre, Ethiopian Aviation Academy and Kenya Airways Pride Centre.

The Committee meets at least once every year.

Work Program
The Committee sets its own work program and action plan that is approved by the Executive Committee.

Chairman – Charles Mutua, Training and Development Manager - Precision Air
Coordinator - Elin Bukhala This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.