CART Guidelines for Air Travel Through COVID-19

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Council Aviation Recovery Task Force (CART): Published on June 01 2020, provides the recommendations and measures to be applied for the resumption of air transport from COVID-19 pandemic. States, airports, airlines, and service providers ought to implement these health and safety guidelines.

Importance of Implementation of CART’s ‘Take-off’ Guidelines
As we gradually move into restarting our industry, it is imperative that all stakeholders use a harmonized approach and a globally agreed framework of guidance and measures. We must now urgently move into implementation of CART’s ‘Take-off’ Guidance.

“African stakeholders need to adopt a common African position on CART’s ‘Take-off’ Guidance for a seamless and effective restart of aviation activity. Implementing harmonised measures is urgent and critical to allow the restart of flights by African Airlines as soon as possible and to bring confidence of both passengers and stakeholders.” Mr Abderahmane Berthe – AFRAA Secretary General.