Ground Handling

Ground Handling Committee

The standards of ground handling at airports in Africa vary widely due partly to the lack of or inadequate oversight by the responsible authorities. Similarly, infrastructure and facilities for handling passengers/cargo in many airports are inadequate, dilapidated or limited. The effect of this is that, quality standards are low in many airports while handling cost is high. The handling charges and fees in African airports are among the highest in the world.

The African Airlines Association established a Ground Handling Committee for its member airlines with the view to adopt and implement cost-effective common solutions that will address some of the handling challenges faced by airlines. The initial scope of focus by the Committee is the procurement of ground services at selected airports and lobbying activities.

Members of the Committee

The following airlines are the members of the Ground Handling Committee.

•Astral Aviation


•Ethiopian Airlines

•Kenya Airways

•South African Airways

•TAAG Angola Airlines


Membership is open to AFRAA member airlines. To join, please contact: Mr. Gaoussou Konate (

Project Officers

Chairman: Mr. Mpho Phillip Sekhamane, Head of Department: Global Operations Control Centre – South African Airways