AFRAA Training Unit

With breath-taking changes taking place in the aviation industry, including new safety and security standards, globalization, advanced information technology, fuel prices and the need for customer-centric organisations, it is necessary for African aviation to have adequately trained staff and competent leadership to lead the organisations forward. Training and re-training of personnel in the relevant courses will enable our organisations to adapt quickly and appropriately to the dynamic changes in the industry.

AFRAA is committed to the development of people so that African aviation continues to grow using highly trained and capable personnel. We appreciate that people are the basic foundation upon which aviation organisations build their strategic success, continue to develop and adapt to the enormous changes taking place in the operating environment.

Our mission, therefore, is to develop knowledge of the aviation business through training, seminars, workshops and conferences. We will continue develop good links with reputable training organisations to create new synergies in delivering relevant training for the industry.

To assist aviation organisations in their restructuring programs as well as improving their operational efficiency and productivity. AFRAA has a number of highly experienced and capable consultants with proficiency in various areas of aviation activities.

Customised training programs are offered to organisations that seek expertise to meet organisationational and departmental business objectives. Customised training entails offering courses at say an airlines’s base and tailored to its specific needs. This makes the training cost very competitive especially where an organisation is training a large number of its personnel.

The success of the training programs that AFRAA offers hinges critically on the support that Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) provide. Therefore, CEOs need to allow their top executives, managers and staff to attend the courses on offer so that the management is better qualified to spearhead the development and prosperity of our organisations.


AFRAA’s training and development strategies and activities are guided and underpinned by the following guiding principles:

a) Stakeholder Primacy
AFRAA exists primarily to serve the interest of its members and other stakeholders, who include:
• Airline Customers
• Staff
• Suppliers
• Partners
• Civil Aviation Authorities
• International Aviation Organisations (ICAO, IATA, ACI, AFCAC etc.)
• Governments

b) Strategy Critical Activity

Training is a strategy-critical activity in the airline industry where technical know-how and managerial expertise are changing and advancing very rapidly. Any company would lose its ability to compete effectively unless its personnel
are kept updated and have cutting edge expertise.

In this regards AFRAA will ensure that its strategies, programs and delivery are aligned to the prevailing dynamic and challenging operating environment in order to achieve excellence in meeting the needs and expectations of its stakeholders.

c) Partnerships
AFRAA will work with any organisation, groups or persons that enhance its capabilities and are relevant to the development and delivery of the best practices in training.

In this regards, AFRAA will:
i) develop networks and co-operate with appropriate
individuals, groups and organisations and
ii) promote co-operation and networking among and
between member airlines, partners and clients.

d) Social Responsibility
In its quest to develop high quality training programs, the Association will strive to do so both qualitatively and quantitatively.

In this regard, AFRAA will:
i) ensure that its programs and activities are geographically spread as widely as possible to all regions of the continent.
ii) endeavour to ensure that the training programs are in both French and English.

Please download the current Training Brochure below: