Distribution Committee

AFRAA envisions being a leader for a globally competitive and integrated African airline industry. With this vision in mind there are some potential growth areas that can be addressed on airline distribution and settlement. Through the Project, AFRAA will review innovative options for airline distribution and settlement with the view to adopting and implementing cost-effective common solutions that will address some of the distribution and settlement challenges faced in Africa.

The Task Force will proactively create a settlement solution that is flexible to accommodate a wide range of distribution needs in Africa. The platform will be a foundation to create more efficient, reliable and scalable opportunities for the future. The Project is aimed at creating a platform that will play a major financial role in travel distribution in Africa, providing the industry with a world-class settlement system that is custom-made for the continent.

Members of the Project
The following airlines are the members of the Distribution Committee:
• AB Aviation
• Air Mauritius
• Air Namibia
• Air Zimbabwe
• Badr Airlines
• Camair-Co
• Cronos Airlines
• EgyptAir
• Ethiopian Airlines
• Jubba Airways
• LAM Mozambique
• Precision Air
• Royal Air Maroc
• RwandAir
• SA Express Airways
• Safe Air Company
• TAAG Angola

Membership is open to AFRAA member airlines. To join, please contact: Ms. Maureen Kahonge: mkahonge@afraa.org.

Project Officers
Chair: Mr. Getaneh Desta Woldemariam, Commercial Director – Eswatini Air
Vice Chair: Mrs. Lillian Massawe, Head – Ground Handling and Commercial, Preciasion Air