Aeropolitical Task Force

Often referred to as the “politics of the skies” the regulatory framework that applies to airline operations globally has been consistently evaluated and amended ibn order to meet the ever changing requirements of the aviation industry. The African aviation landscape is not any different in that the African airlines and the non-African airlines that operate to, from and within Africa require a regulatory framework that is in line with global practice.
It is in recognition of the immense impact of these regulations on its member airlines that the AFRAA Secretariat was tasked to put together the Aeropolitcal Task Force whose main role will be to oversee the development and implementation of proactive strategies to align the policy makers and regulators with the requirements of AFRAA member airlines. The Aeropolitical Task Force will deliberate and make recommendations on matters such as the following:

• SAATM, YD & Deregulation
• African Airlines Alliance
• Fees, Taxes and Charges
• Blocked funds
• Environment

The AFRAA member airlines have continuously voiced their concerns and discomfort with the amount of regulations and policies which they have to comply with in different jurisdictions where they operate to and from. These policies and regulations are the source of the plethora of fees, taxes and charges that are fast becoming the undoing of most of the airlines because of their impact on their bottom lines.

Various studies and economic models have shown that the prospects for passenger and cargo growth on the continent are substantive. The future prospects for the African airlines are exciting. However, all these opportunities will go to waste and or will be taken up by other airlines if the prevailing conditions persist. The Aeropolitical Task Force will have the singular responsibility of aligning all the AFRAA member airlines to the mutual objective of creating a sustainable regulatory framework whose sole focus will be to enable the airlines to enhance their footprint by becoming profitable and sustainable.

The inaugural meeting of the Aeropolitical Task Force is scheduled to be held at the AFRAA offices in Nairobi on the 25th July 2019. All indications are that there are going to be very informative deliberations that will lead to conclusive agreements on how the various matters brought up in the meeting should be addressed. The interest shown by the large number of confirmed attendees bodes well for this task force and for the AFRAA member airlines who will all have a united platform to address matters of mutual concern and come up with mutually inclusive solutions.

Invited participants:
All AFRAA member airlines are invited to attend and become members of the Aeropolitical Task Force.

To participate, please contact: Mr. Blaise Muyanda: