AFRAA Cargo Task Force

The Cargo Task Force was formed following AFRAA Cargo days conference held on 30 Sep – 1 Oct 2015. Among other things the conference noted that air cargo does not receive the attention it deserves from airlines resulting in sub-optimum utilization of cargo space by most African carriers.

Several other challenges pertaining to air cargo were identified including:

  • Regulatory constraints in the development of cargo in particular the need for full liberalization of air cargo services
  • E-freight needs to be speedily implemented to reduce cost.
  • The need to ratify the MC99 among other things, facilitates e-freight.
  • Opportunities of exploiting e-commerce, e-business and e-customs were identified.
  • Inadequate infrastructure for processing, storage and movement of cargo
  • Cumbersome custom clearance procedure in many states
  • Need to improve safety and security standards in view of high accident rate in Africa involving cargo aircraft.
  • The need for capacity building/training

The Cargo Task Force was therefore formed to identify areas where African airlines could cooperate to reduce costs and enhance revenues in collaboration with other relevant stakeholders. The Task Force would further identify areas to lobby authorities to facilitate smarter regulations, reduction in industry costs, facilitate development of e-freight and the improvement of cargo infrastructure. The Task Force would also seek collaboration in human capital development to facilitate the development of air cargo.

Project Officers

The chair of the project is Egyptair and vice chair is Astral Aviation. The Secretary is Mr. Aaron Munetsi, Director, Government, Legal and Industry Affairs