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APG Network is the world’s leading network for commercial and distribution services for airlines. Through our 108 worldwide offices, we now cover 176 countries across all continents with unrivalled links with the travel industry in each market. APG brings together key independent players in each country, creating a team of highly experienced local managers and a strong presence in all areas of the world. Our key goals are to help airlines exploit small and medium-sized markets on a “variable cost” basis, to generate more revenue for less cost, and to maximize an airline’s distribution network with a comprehensive approach based on a tailored portfolio of our various distribution products. Our product range includes our core airline representation services, as well as ABCS, our local BSP support services which we operate for over 100 airlines, and our interline e-ticketing hub, APG IET, again with over 100 airline participants. APG is constantly investing in new products for the future all with the aim of assisting airlines improve their distribution worldwide.



Mrs. Sandrine de Saint Sauveur

President & CEO

APG INC | 66 Champs-Elysées | 75008 Paris | France

t +33 153 77 13 16 | f +33 1 53 77 13 05

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Skype: sandrinedss


Mr. Djibril B. TABOURE


VP Middle East and Africa

APG CENTRAL & WEST AFRICA | ACI 2000-Immeuble ” A.T.S” | Hamdallaye | BP E 1955 Bamako | MALI