ATR manufactures two sizes of turboprop aircraft, the 70-seat ATR 72 and the 50-seat ATR 42. Both aircraft benefit from fuel, emissions and cost efficiencies provided by turboprop engines.

ATR turboprops provide airlines with the best opportunities for operating short-haul routes at a low operating cost. Airlines servicing smaller markets desperately need more fuel efficient-aircraft to continue operating regular flights between regional airports and to main airports and hubs.

Manufacturing Advanced Turboprops! ATR’s only business is turboprops – making ATR the industry experts in producing efficient, high-tech aircraft for regional airlines. ATR uses the latest manufacturing techniques and high-tech engines. ATR utilizes the highest amount of advanced, composite materials among regional aircraft. Approximately 20 percent of the ATR 42 and ATR 72 structure is made of composites, which helps reduce fuel burn and emissions.



•Workforce: More than 1,200 (beginning of 2015)

•Turnover: 1.8 US$ Billion (2014)

•Headquarters: Toulouse

•More than 1,500 aircraft sold

•More than 1,200 aircraft delivered

•+27 Million flight hours

•+5,000 flights per day

•+190 operators

•+90 countries

•Every 8 seconds, an ATR aircraft takes-off or lands somewhere around the world

•ATRs are the best-selling under-90-seat regional aircraft in the world since 2005



Mr. Guido Di Paolo

Vice President Sales – Africa and Indian Ocean,



Mr. John Moore

Head of Global Sales

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Fax:    +33 (0) 5 62 21 66 76

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