AEG Fuels


Since 1988 AEG FUELS has established single-supplier convenience through a network of strategic relationships with national and multinational oil companies, local fuel providers, and airport handling agents. Beyond fuel services, AEG also provides a suite of ancillary solutions such as fuel management, international trip planning, tax recovery services, carnet card benefits and more.

AEG Fuels have established a broad range of customers including passenger and cargo airlines, the US and foreign militaries, heads of state, royal flight departments, corporate and charter operators, fixed base operators and fuel resellers. AEG serves these customers through a network of longstanding direct relationships with multinational oil companies, national suppliers, local refiners, and into wing agents around the world. Our customers are afforded the benefits of negotiated fuel and throughput pricing based on AEG’s aggregate volume. The AEG Network consists of 2000+ suppliers and agents in 212 countries, providing coverage at over 3000 airports and growing.

AEG executive aviation team of professionals brings almost three decades of experience in delivering world class service with worldwide coverage. When partnering with AEG FUELS, operators are ensured specifically-tailored ground support and refueling packages, flexible credit facilities, and affordable pricing structures for every mission and every trip. With offices in Miami, Houston, Tahoe, Toluca, London, Dubai, Singapore and Shanghai, our team is able to liaise locally in markets with customers and suppliers to provide the highest degree of service.

AEG FUELS has the industry expertise to meet our customers’ fuel requirements and credit needs 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. AEG’s well-established position in the marketplace offers our customers greater purchasing power, which allows cost-effective and reliable fuel supply worldwide.