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Innova is an international consulting firm based in Montreal that specializes in strategy, marketing, and human resources needs for the aviation, telecommunications, banking, and government sectors, as well as hospitality and tourism. We collaborate closely with clients to embrace a transformational approach, enabling organizations to grow, build sustainable competitive advantage, address their most pressing challenges, and capture their most promising opportunities. Innova conseil has also established a solid expertise for supporting countless organizations from various industries with their post-covid 19 restructuring strategies.

Innova Conseil has expanded its services to the MENA region and Africa, opening a Tunisian branch in 2016 while tackling the most critical topics of strategic support, cultural transformation, and organizational restructuring as a Niche Player. Our success depends on a deep collaborative spirit.

Working on such complex public and private restructuring projects, requires a collaborative and human-centered approach and pioneering partnerships in human capital tools; Innova is the exclusive partner of the University of Geneva’s Self Leadership Lab Program which is a certified and certifying program that assists leaders and managers in the execution of structuring projects using a unique change management approach that liberates individual and organizational energy.

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