Safran Landing Systems gets even closer to its customers


To meet the needs of airlines and maintenance centers, Safran Landing Systems has added new digital solutions to its support and services offer: Landing LifeTM

During the pandemic, Expert Link, the remote assistance solution introduced by Safran Landing Systems, was tested as a way of continuing to provide operational support and close customer contact. Today, it is widely used in many sectors – technical assistance, training, repair – and highly appreciated by its users.

The application is very simple to use and can be accessed via a tablet or smartphone. It combines a live video feed and a system to share photos, drawings and video recordings. The video feed is fully secure, whether users are out on the tarmac or in the workshop.

Several members of AFRAA have already chosen to use the solution to simplify their communications with Safran Landing Systems.

Abraham Siria – Development Engineer at Kenya Airways says, A few days ago, I managed to use the latest solution from Safran Landing Systems i.e. Expert Link, to communicate with one of the Product Engineers in charge of B737 Wheels (Jim). The experience was great, this facility reduced the TAT for solutions and is clearer than the many emails that we usually exchange whenever we’re seeking a solution. 

The Expert Link interface was pretty simple to use especially on my phone, the design is great. There were a few connectivity issues but we overcame them and had a fruitful engagement. “