7 attributes to look for in your perfect NDC API partner


As airlines move towards greater control and better experiences, third-party developers, and technology providers will play a greater role in contemporary NDC API development. A standard NDC-integration between the airline and the third-party technology provider, including Offer and Order Management, typically takes three to six months. Before deciding to commit to this approach when scaling your distribution strategy, we recommend these seven critical points to consider:

  • The third-party needs to demonstrate the technical ability to integrate vertical and horizontal systems to provide an end-to-end solution.
  • Third-parties must demonstrate sound airline domain understanding. For example: Availability, Schedules, Fares, Interline, etc. These are essential to delivering a successful project.
  • Ensure that you are assigned a project management team to work with you throughout the engagement.
  • Travel Industry Market Knowledge: When a retailing feature is added, airlines want third-party developers to manage critical timeliness (e.g., personalized offers) and often this requires knowledge of the nuances (e.g., compliance requirements) within specific markets.
  • Dedication to quality, consistency, transparency, and adequate resourcing to ensure a project is completed on time and delivers value fast.
  • The aggregator or the IT provider must be NDC Certified or capable with Level 4 (Full Offer and Order Management).
  • Future-proofing: NDC and ONE Order world are ever-evolving, making it essential that your vendor is reputed, committed, and is there for the long haul.

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Source: Accelya