A single, stronger Accelya for greater flexibility and choice


You may have noticed that Accelya looks different these days. Our integrated portfolio reflects many of the positive initiatives that Accelya has undertaken over the last year, which will help us play our part in driving industry transformation.

Just over a year ago, we announced the acquisition of Farelogix, and today the unification into a single stronger Accelya is complete. We have integrated our teams and our brand. We have also merged our product portfolios into the new FLX Platform, for passenger and cargo, and industry which spans commercial airline processes from offer to settlement. Our clear technology vision gives airlines more flexibility and greater choice through high-performing and PSS-agnostic innovation.

The funding and support Accelya receives through the strong partnership with our shareholders assures a long-term commitment to pro-airline technology solutions. One distinct element of this has been the focus on implementing best-in-class disciplines across critical areas, focusing on people, product and foundational processes and systems. We remain committed to helping our customers recover and grow further, faster.

As we gear up for the next phase of industry recovery, the Accelya team will be out on the road, attending industry events globally. We would be delighted to talk to you about the exciting changes here at Accelya and what they mean to the future of airline community.

Source: Accelya