Accelya accelerates Integrated Offer to Settlement with Landmark IATA “Airline Retailing Maturity Index” Recognition on its FLX Platform


Accelya recently announced that the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has certified Accelya as the first technology provider for the schema version 20.2 of the IATA Airline Retailing Maturity (ARM) index. The certification reflects the transformational ethos of the new Accelya FLX Platform that will integrate commercial and financial processes across the airline transaction lifecycle.

The IATA designation recognizes that Accelya’s Order Accounting solution now accepts orders as an input for settlement, which benefits airline customers by allowing them to settle NDC transactions while they get ONE Order ready. An extension of the NDC and ONE Order programs, the IATA Settlement with Orders (SwO) initiative seeks to transform the airline business by aligning commercial and financial processes.

The ARMi certification elevates Accelya’s position as a system provider and retailing enabler, boosting transparency about Accelya’s capabilities within the industry.

Commenting on the announcement, Yanik Hoyles, IATA Director, Distribution said: “Congratulation to Accelya! By becoming the first System Provider certified on the new Airline Retailing Maturity index on schema version 20.2, Accelya is helping support the industry’s journey to a fully-realized world of offers and orders, which will create greater value for airlines and travelers”

Accelya has shared more details on what this new certification means and its benefits for the industry. If you want to find out more, please click this link.