Accelya – NDC Analytics: Data not Deity


There’s a saying, “In God we trust, all others must bring data.” It has never been so relevant than today, as insights will enable airlines to weather the whims of a volatile travel market and fast-track their path back to profitability. Take distribution strategy, for example. Essential questions such as what type of New Distribution Capability (NDC) traffic my partners generate, where and when my potential customers are looking to fly, and what’s my look-to-book ratio can give airlines much-needed visibility.

In previous articles, Accelya looked at game-changing transformational steps to move airlines forward on their path to retailing excellence. Here they explore NDC analytics and how airlines can optimize their NDC channels and drive NDC adoption. Even though NDC is in the mature phase, this ability to optimize and perfect its channels is still in a state of perpetual evolution.

Historical data alone no longer cuts it, so if we need to answer these questions and many more, we must add forward-looking indicators into the mix, including real-time shopping data and KPIs that predict demand. For example, days before purchase, shopping (looks by date and by geographic), where are the shopping requests coming from, and for which routes? These indicators can help airlines understand the current context, evaluate the performance of their retailing technology, and, importantly, take the right action. Accelya’s NDC customers are doing just that.

By adopting this analytics-driven approach, NDC market leaders benefit from market transparency in a collaborative way that highlights the benefits of NDC, drives adoption, and provides each of them with a complete picture of sales through their NDC-enabled channels.

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