AFRAA CEO Dialogues with Uganda Airlines


The Secretary General of the African Airlines Association (AFRAA), Mr. Abdérahmane Berthé, in a bid to foster closer engagement with member Airlines of the Association, met the CEO of Uganda Airlines – Ms Jennifer Bamuturaki and the airline’s Leadership Team on 07 July in Entebbe – Uganda at the airline’s head-office. The CEO Dialogues initiative was launched in 2022 as part of AFRAA’s strategy to engage with member’s leadership to create dialogue that is necessary to enhance value addition of the Association to better meet its members’ needs.

The issues covered in the deliberations included: current and future plans of Uganda Airlines, priorities for the airline industry by the Government, AFRAA and industry initiatives to support the attainment of sustainability of the air transport industry in Africa, AFRAA Projects for win-win value addition to Uganda Airlines and the preparations towards the forthcoming 55th AFRAA Annual General Assembly & Summit scheduled to take place from 19-21 November 2023 in Uganda.

AFRAA aims to facilitate better understanding of individual airline needs, local matters and challenges, priorities and business plans thereby enabling the Association to tailor specific actions that enhance its relevance to Member Airlines.

The CEO’s Dialogues are continuous, round-the-year sessions that engage the Member airlines’ decision makers with AFRAA leadership towards effective implementation of added-value projects and actions supporting members’ sustainability. AFRAA’s actions are anchored on 5 pillars including:

  1. Safe, secure and reliable air transport
  2. Visibility, reputation and influence of African Airlines
  3. Sustainable air transport
  4. Cooperation
  5. Data intelligence