AFRAA Secretary General meets air transport stakeholders in Uganda


AFRAA Secretary General – Mr. Abdérahmane Berthé, met the minister of Works and Transport of Uganda, Hon. Gen Edward Katumba Wamala and the Chief Executive officer of Uganda Airlines – Ms. Jenifer Bamuturaki on 22-23 August 2022.

During the visit, Mr. Berthé addressed stakeholders and media in Uganda on 22 August on the state of the airline industry, ongoing initiatives in place to address sustainability of air transport in Africa and the 2023 AFRAA Annual General Assembly (AGA) scheduled to be held in Uganda under the patronage of the Ministry of Works and Transport at the kind invitation of Uganda Airlines.

Notably, on sustainability of air transport industry in Africa, Mr. Berthé highlighted the AFRAA-led industry Laboratory developed a roadmap to redress the marginalization of African airline industry by addressing the challenges facing the sector. The roadmap, which will be tabled for adoption by AU Policy Organs, is structured into 5 projects with targets, strategies, specific actions for each strategy. The projects include:

  1. Fuel and customs taxes
  2. High taxes and charges
  3. Navigation – Free Routing Area (FRA)
  4. Implementation of the Single African Air Transport Market (SAATM)
  5. Partnerships between airlines, hospitality and tourism bodies to improve intra-African tourism.

AFRAA envisions a sustainable, interconnected and affordable Air Transport industry in Africa where African Airlines become key players and drivers to African economic development. “We will continue to spearhead the Laboratory outcomes with the relevant stakeholders to ensure that Africa achieves the survival in the short-term and its sustainability in the long-term.” Mr. Berthé stated.