AFRAA, in partnership with SITA will hold a series of 2 virtual ICT workshops on 08 July and 15 July 2020 on how smart technology is enabling ‘new normal’ for the air transport industry. Join us to get insights from SITA, a leading IT provider for the air transport industry, on scenarios that shape the ‘new normal’ in ensuring a smooth, efficient and safe passengers journey to re-establish passenger confidence in air travel; and digitalization of operations to drive more cost saving and achieving higher efficiency than before.

Technology will play an important role to support the air transport industry in evolving towards the new normal whilst trying to maintain a consistent passenger experience in light of distancing and hygiene constraints. Technology will also facilitate a seamless transfer of passenger health information throughout the passenger journey, and enable the restoration of passenger confidence in the aviation system. With more focus on digitalization, technology will enable airlines to optimize operations, save costs and contribute to more sustainable future of aviation.

Representatives from your airline are invited to participate in below tailored workshops to benefit from the industry insights and best practices in this challenging time.

For more information on registration and who can attend, please visit this link: