Air Botswana Resumes Scheduled Operations


The Air Botswana Board, Management and Staff are pleased to announce the re-introduction of the airline’s scheduled domestic operations effective July 17, 2020. This resumption is subject to health and safety protocols and the new ways of working. The Airline shall gradually increase frequency of operations on the basis of demand and reinstate regional operations as soon as current travel restrictions are lifted.

“This is an exciting development, one that we have been eagerly awaiting! We are looking forward to resuming operations and embracing our new ways of working. As we gradually reintroduce operations, we will continually explore other possible recovery strategies that address the commercial viability and business sustainability of the national airline, without compromising the health and safety of both staff and customers. Following the suspension of operations towards the end of March, Air Botswana has been waiting for an opportunity to reunite its valued customers with their loved ones, their businesses and nature,” said the General Manager, Ms. Agnes T. Khunwana.

Air Botswana has a commendable record of the highest safety and operational standards and as such, safety remains at the heart of the business. “After the great set-back we have suffered as an industry, we are counting on our customers to support us through this difficult period in the history of aviation. We will incorporate all industry best practices and national regulations in the fight against COVID-19.” stated Ms. Khunwana.

The Airline extends its heartfelt gratitude to customers, staff and the public for their immense support and understanding during these difficult times. The public is further encouraged to take advantage of the efficient point-to-point air travel services, that are conducted under strict protocols and regularly supervised by capable entities, such as the Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana (CAAB) and Port Health officials.

In furtherance of the fight to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, Air Botswana has put in place contactless booking and ticketing mechanisms through its online booking and ticketing platform ( and we encourage our patrons to take advantage of the same. Customers may also call the Air Botswana Call Centre (+267 3680900/3688550) for remote assistance with their travel arrangements.

We once again count on the travelling public’s patronage of the national Airline and urge all to stay safe and obey health protocols as issued by public health authorities from time to time. Thank you.

Source: Air Botswana