Airlines Consolidation Workshop, 14th September


African Airlines Association (AFRAA), in partnership with Lufthansa Consulting and Kenya Airways will hold a high level virtual workshop on Airlines Consolidation on 14 September 2021 from 13:00 – 16:30hrs (East Africa Time) in virtual format.

Objectives and Target Audience

This important workshop for airline CEOs, C-level representatives and African air transport decision makers at policy level will provide an in-depth background of consolidation of airlines and an awareness of the challenges as well as the benefits of consolidation. Case studies will be made by selected airline CEOs during the workshop to enrich the discussions with first-hand experiences. The workshop will:

  1. Analyze the current market situation in Africa, overcapacities and its consequences;
  2. Analyze the impacts of consolidation for African airlines, passengers, cargo, air transport growth and connectivity;
  3. Share consolidation experiences among African airlines to provide stakeholders an understanding of the attributes and challenges of consolidation.
  4. Discuss possible consolidation strategies for African Airlines
  5. Sensitize stakeholders on the regulatory framework governing airlines consolidation
  6. Sensitize States, Regional Economic Communities, financial institutions, multilateral agencies and African airlines on the benefits and challenges of consolidation.

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Concept Note: 

The 30th Ordinary Summit of the African Union Assembly of Heads of States and Government summit held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in January 2018 adopted the Institutional and Regulatory Instruments of the Yamoussoukro Decision (YD) to launch the Single African Air Transport Market (SAATM).

The aviation industry has unquestionably remained one of the most ultra-competitive sectors within the world of business.

Hence Airlines are struggling over squeezing margins. The African airlines sector is fragmented and less profitable, and shows insufficient capacity discipline. Everyone wants a slice of the pie. The SAATM implementation will enhance competition among Airlines.

The history of consolidation within the aviation industry is mostly associated with the 1978 Deregulation Act in the United States. The free market did not work with a fragmentation of the sector, as evidenced by the United States market evolution. In 2018, the top four carriers controlled 74% of the market: American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines or Southwest Airlines.

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