Advanced Safety Management Systems (SMS) in Airlines

Purpose of the course
A Safety Management System (SMS) is an essential part of operating in today’s aviation industry.
This advanced course introduces participants to the key tools to manage a performance-based SMS. The processes examined are equally applicable to airline, airport, Air Traffic Management, and other aviation operations.
Participants will be able to streamline the operational and business processes of their companies and demonstrate improved safety performance to their Board of Directors, insurance underwriters, their clients and customers, and the regulatory agencies that oversee them. Managers and staff from Safety Offices will particularly benefit from the course, as will representatives from Civil Aviation Authorities.

Learning objectives
Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:
• Proactively manage safety
• Upgrade your organization’s SMS tools
• Integrate SMS into other management systems
• Improve safety culture
• Implement a functional SMS that meets IOSA and Regulatory requirements

Course format
• This course is conducted virtual and delivered in English by an official AFRAA Instructor.
• Participant performance will be based on an assessment

Course duration
• The course duration is 5 days (40 hours)

Target population
This course is recommended for:
• Managers and staff from Quality, Safety and Security Offices
• Managers and staff from Operations to include Engineering
• Senior-level Managers
• Airline IOSA team members
• Civil Aviation Authority Inspectors

• Participants should have done a Safety Management System (SMS) in Airlines course or possess a basic knowledge of ICAO Doc 9859 Safety Management System (SMS) principles and concept.
• The recommended level of English language proficiency is ICAO Operational Level 4 or its equivalence