AFRAA CoVID-19 Recovery Plan

The world is experiencing the adverse impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the aviation industry is amongst the worst impacted.

It is necessary to put in place measures that will support airline industry to ensure its survival and recovery after the crisis. Air Transport is critical for the economic development and integration of the African continent and support to the airline industry will aid in a faster economic recovery.

An end of operations by African airlines would trigger a host of serious financial consequences, while replacing the air service provided by the airlines would be a challenging and costly process.

AFRAA has therefore developed a recovery plan that outlines a framework of various areas of intervention, measures to be taken as part of urgent, immediate, and consistent actions for the survival and rebound of the industry. The recovery of the airline industry will require coordinated efforts and a collaborative approach with all stakeholders.

To view the full recovery plan, please download it here: